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Is Supreme to Blame for Making America Exclusive Again (MAEA)?

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Today I decided to read a Trump article. Typically, I choose to scroll past the 134 Trump articles I tend to see per day but for some reason the headline got me. It read, "Trump tells immigrants seeking asylum: Our country is full." I couldn’t help but have a good chuckle. Suuurreee it was kind of fucked up, but imagine it as a Mean Girls scene and it becomes a little more humorous. Like Gretchen telling the Mexican kids that the Cool table is full. After I finished writing, filming, and winning an Oscar for best director in my head I came to a realization; Whether or not you think Trump was handed his success, or he earned it just like Kylie Jenner did with absolutely no help, one thing is clear: the guy is a businessman.

Let me start this new paragraph by saying Bigleys is, at heart, a marketer and advertising guru. I’ve proven my ability to build a brand with Fahoo. My 22 Instagram and 1 Twitter follower (shoutout to @johanssterbate ‏) are just a small peek into the massive amounts of success this website has achieved since starting in December of 2018. As a master marketer, my gears began to churn. Churn? Is that the right word? Churn. America is an exclusive country. It’s both a privilege and status symbol to live in America. Why do you think Bigleys tucks his hoodies into his jeans? Because it’s comfortable? Because it's stylish? Absolutely not. I do that to show the poor people my $400 Supreme belt. It’s not much different than how I drive to the Texas-Mexico border once a month and walk back and forth with my American passport. I’m out here stunting. But that’s really when it clicked. What do Supreme and America have in common? Well, besides stealing other peoples stuff and putting their logo on it… That's right: Exclusiveness.

Trump wasn’t so far off after all. He wasn’t making America Great Again rather, Exclusive Again (MAEA). But if America is a true capitalist group, I think it’s time for us to take note from brands like Supreme. Lets collab and grow fam by starting our own exclusive American drops. I know what a lot of you are thinking right now, “Bigleys that's incredibly fucked up that you would prey on vulnerable people in order to make a dollar.” My response? There’s a reason why Bigleys is ROLLING in the dough and you can’t afford Spotify premium.

New paragraph? Back to the point. Trump is Making America Exclusive Again. Even though it may or may not tank our economy, destroy the car industry, and deplete our avocado supply, we have to make some sacrifices to boost the brand. Although I don’t believe we should be as extreme as Jordan who took years and years before they began to release their classics, I do believe there is a case to shut down for a month or two. During that time we can begin to strategize and build the branding around these exclusive releases. The idea is simple; First, we'll need a hot product drop. Second, we’ll need a government-issued website that mirrors StockX. After that, the government will ideally step out of the way and allow America to take care of the rest.

To get a solid idea of what a drop would look like please view the following list:

-400 Off-White American Branded Passport

-700 Fear of God branded Green Cards to work in LA

-250 Supreme American birth certificates printed on a skateboard

-100 Anti-Social-Social-Club social security cards

-And for anyone who missed those drops: 2000 HUF branded life jackets that could save a few lives.

So there’s the idea. It may be a little raw but it’s ready to be built upon. Let’s grow together, fam. It'd be super dope if like Supreme, the US Government dropped their gear at low prices so that hard-working Americans could resell it on the secondary Mexican market. They could perhaps make the money back that they would have made on taxes as well as the third party charges from our government issued StockX website. Red, blue, independent, or unregistered voter, we all have an equal opportunity to make that cash homie. This is money you can feel good about too. Not only will American’s walk out with more dead presidents in their pockets, but immigrants will also be provided with an opportunity to live a better life. God Bless America! (MAEA)

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