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CBC’s Decision To Cut Trump Out Of Home Alone 2 Is An Act Of Terrorism - Here's Why

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Forgive Kevin's White Power 'Ok' Sign

Here at, we prefer to stay out of politics when we can. It’s just not our lane. Why challenge Michael Jordan to a basketball game, Usain Bolt to a foot race, or CNN on who can break down every Donald Trump tweet to its subconscious core?

Despite our passive attitude towards politics, it would be negligent for FaHoo to ignore such a massive story; One that could completely change the political landscape. What I'm referring to is, of course, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) blatant act of

With the Yahoo article boasting over 7900 comments, I think it’s fair to say we haven’t seen an attack this polarizing since 9/11. Even the parallels between the two events are stunning. Similar to how the US government ignored the blatant signs of an oncoming 9/11 attack, they’ve now chosen to turn a blind eye to our northern neighbor’s unpredictable actions. With Justin Trudeau’s constant attacks on Trump, obsession with blackface, YouTube video appealing to terrorists, and now his Nazi-Esque censoring; It’s fair to say he’s the closest thing to a real-life Buzz McCallister the world has seen.

Let us not miss the point, though. The real act of terrorism isn't that CBC edited out Donald Trump. The real attack was editing one of the greatest films ever produced. How dare you censor one of the most significant cinematic art pieces – No, scratch that – one of the most significant art pieces of all-time. How the fuck do you expect new viewers to know how Kevin McCallister found the lobby? Are we just supposed to assume that an 8-year-old child figured out where he had to check-in? I mean, Jesus fucking Christ, what would have happened if he took a wrong turn out of the hotel? Harry and Marv had just escaped from prison and were on the prowl. They could have easily run into Kevin, kidnapped him, peeled each fingernail off one by one, and murdered him. BOOM: Movie over. Do you understand how devastating that could be to the plot?

Stupid fucking Sean

The question is really this: It's no longer if America declares war and starts the drone attacks, it's when? No amount of 'sirreys' will make up for the shameless depredation of an American classic. What more must Kim Jung Trudeau do before we make our move? When will we finally put an end to Canada's molestation of Lady Liberty? This is 'Murica! It's our house; we have to defend it! Forget dodging paint cans and metal pipes, Canada, we're sending the MQ-9 Reaper's.

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