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Sam Smith A Band? The Singer Announces He Is A They And Twitter Reacts

In today's world, it's rare to find even the average person who's life isn't somewhat in the public eye. For celebrities, their whole lives are sometimes out there for the world to see. However, on occasion, a celebrity shows us a side we never knew existed. That's precisely why fans were bamboozled when singer, Sam Smith, made a monumental announcement on Twitter this past Friday, September 16th.

As many of us know, Sam Smith is an unbelievably talented singer who's won multiple Grammy's over his relatively short career. We've watched him grow both professionally and personally over the years. When Sam publicly came out as gay, we celebrated his bravery. Six months ago, he would garner the courage to come out as non-binary, which to Mr Bigley's professional understanding, means he's gay with a splash of straight.

But despite all the things we thought we knew about the 'Stay With Me' singer, it appears as though Sam has been trolling us for years. He announced on Twitter that the individual we knew as Sam Smith, is, in fact, a they. You read that correct: Sam a band.

With the announcement comes an influx of questions about the former solo artist. Questions like, who else is a part of this band? Is the character who plays Sam Smith one of the voices, or has he been some sort of figurehead or mascot for the group as a whole? And what's the meaning behind this bizarre act?

Being that Bigleys can't come up with more things to say, let me take a tip straight from our stepfather, Yahoo, and fill this article with Twitter reactions...

Rhys refuses to except the bands proper pronoun. He also spelled you're wrong, but who am I to judge...

Jacq clarifies that Sam is not a singular man, they're a band

This fan struggles to come to grips with his favorite singer coming out as a band

Paul thinks bands are for libtards

Ashley completely whiffs on the point, believing it's some sort of LGBTQ announcement. Lol idiot.

This guy gets it

Unfortunately for the fans, it may take years before we find out more information about the band. vows to update our followers as more knowledge of the situation comes out. I guess if there's one thing we can say for sure, it's that we know Sam's not the only one...Did you catch what Bigleys just did there? Fucking nailed it.

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