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Neo Nazi Group Salty Over Former Bae, Prince Harry

Updated: May 9, 2019

I think it’s fair to say: the neo-nazis are totes not over former bae Handsome Harry. The prince infamously had a one night stand with the group during an alcohol-infused Halloween party[see image]. Prince Harry has been reportedly swerving the fourth reich ever since.

But breakups happen all the time. And being swerved on, skrskr, after a one night stand has happened to the best of them. So who got the nazis Höschens in a bunch? Prince Harry’s rebound chick, that’s who. And thanks to our relentless reporting, Fahoo News has a good idea as to why the Nazis are sipping the Meghan Markle Haterade and it’s not what you think: she’s black. The Nazis have even gone as far as to publicly shame Harry by calling him a race baiter!! SHADE ALERT!! I think they also called for his assassination or something I’m not really sure I didn’t actually read the article I just clicked on that convenient, “Comments,” link that Yahoo (Step Father Company to Fahoo) so you can skip all the bullshit and get straight to fucking meat. As my reporting brought me into the deep, deep depths of internet hell, I found an ocean of knowledge, an ocean that goes by the username “O Pinion.” For a moment I was stuck on the name like I had heard of it before, but I had to move on. In this comment, Mr. O Pinion points out that royal family has another dark (not a race-related adjective) secret by the name of Queen Charlotte. Who is Queen Charlotte you might ask? It’s only right that I give the credit to O Pinion with a quote directly from their keyboard: “Queen Charlotte is Harry’s 4th great grandmother, I believe, and she was of mixed decent like Megan Markle.” With information like this, it would be unethical for me, a legit journalist, not to stand up and speak my mind.

If you’re going to act as the Brita filter of race, you better do your fucking homework. You're never going to reach your "pure race" dream with this half ass attitude. Before you go after others you better clean up your own internal issues. You let a not 100% pure white male wine and dine you in Halloween of '05. Purify your own crew before you start purifying the rest of us.

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