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It's Time To Call Out The NBA's "3-Point" Sign For What It Is: Racist

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Anyone who's read my apology for wearing virtual blackface on NBA 2K knows that I love basketball. It's long been my favorite sport. Growing up, I spent hours upon hours practicing my fundamentals in the driveway to the point of complete exhaustion. Nothing could stop me from achieving my basketball dreams, not even my own father yelling things like, "You'll never be as talented as your African American counterparts."

To be fair, he was absolutely correct, but I still managed to earn a spot as the 15th man on my varsity basketball team. Granted, the only reason I actually made the team was because my coach thought I had some sort of physical disability. Still, I stuck with it and finished as one of the top 3 water boys in my division.

That being said, the details of my basketball career are irrelevant. The point I'm trying to make here is that I'll do anything to protect the game that made me who I am. That combined with being one of the only publications with any journalistic integrity left, I knew it was time that I reveal what others have been blatantly ignoring: White supremacy has completely infiltrated the NBA.

Despite the NBA being praised as one of the most progressive professional sports league, it appears that they've chosen to look the other way when it comes to the blatant racism that still exists. What we're talking about, of course, is the constant use of the white power, "OK" symbol.

It's absolutely disgusting. Watch a game, and you'll quickly see players on both teams throwing up these signs of bigotry. How is it that a sign that's been added to the Anti-Defamation League's (ADL) hate sign list, continues to be commonplace in this so-called "progressive" league? Still, don't believe us? Take a look at these images:

"White Power Goggles"

The "Shane Gillis"

White People....

...stirring up race relations

The "Made You Look At A White Supremacy Circle" Game

The "I See White People"

Some Grand Wizard Shit

The far right continues to defend the sign claiming that it simply represents "3" for the number of points a player receives when he makes a shot outside the 3-point line. First off, uh, NO. You're wrong. Secondly, if the far right was right, where do you think white players take most of their shots? It's surely not in the lane. I can tell you from experience that we don't have the first step to beat even a crippled tortoise off the dribble. WHITE PEOPLE SHOOT 3's! I'm sure the right will claim that's just another coincidence, won't they?

Unfortunately, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Basketball has long been rooted in racism. Dr. James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, was a well-known racist. I didn't look this up but being that it was 1891, I'm just going to assume, confidently, that Dr. Naismith hated any skin color darker than opaque.

Sadly, these roots continue to feed into the professional game of basketball we know today. We all remember the Donald Sterling fiasco. The former racist owner of the LA Clippers who was forced to sell the team for pennies on the dollar; $2 billion. Last season a fan was caught yelling racist obscenities at the player, Russel Westbrook. The racist roots even run so deep that until recently, team Governors were referred to as "owners."

So enough is enough. I challenge the media to finally speak out against these injustices. Despite our love of the game, is officially boycotting the NBA. We will no longer stand for this neanderthal way of thinking. In fact, is now a soccer supporting news site. Sure, the sport is miserable to watch, but at least we can watch it with a clear conscious knowing it's completely rid of racism.

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