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Instagram Model Hangs Up The Thong - Retires After 13 Seasons

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

After 13 seasons the Instagram model, Becky Sitter, has decided to hang up the thong and officially retire. Becky announced her retirement on her Instagram page this past evening. In the post, she reflects on how much she’s grown since she started Instagramming full time at age 18. Now, 31, Becky says that it’s time to pass the torch to the next big booty hoe.

The 5’4” (according to her Instagram profile) influencer will go down as one of the most unique players to ever play the game. Coming out of high school she gained a following of 250k, before even turning 18. She was universally regarded by many of the professional creeps as the next, “Jordan of Instagram models.” Unfortunately, her career began to tear at the seams as injuries derailed what once appeared to be a sure thing. In the Fall of 2012, she was out for nearly 5 months from a deflated titty. As she began to gain back traction in late 2013 and early 2014, she once again was sidelined with a blown-out ass cheek. It was the second major injury of her career. Many Instagrammers considered Becky

a bust and injury-prone.

But like Grant Hill, Becky was determined to turn her career around. She announced that she would be taking a 6-month break following the injury. She stated in her Instagram caption, “Health isn’t just about what you art. It’s tummy what you’re feeling kay?” She went on to say that she was coming back with vengeance and planned on being in the best shape of her life.

When she finally made her long-awaited return, Becky did not disappoint. Following her first post back the Instagram follower, xXxBonerXDawgxXx69, commented, “I'd stick my face in between those two booty cheeks on a summer day with 90% humidity.”

Becky was officially back. What followed was an incredible run of success. She was regarded as one of the biggest influencers on all of Instagram. But the good times did not roll forever.

It was eventually exposed online that Becky had previously tweeted some extremely racist things about, mostly, Irish-Filipino’s. Becky finally decided to admit to something that she was holding in her whole life; She was dyslexic.

It appeared to be an excuse at first but after digging further, it was obvious. It was so obvious that it was nearly impossible that no one had noticed before. Ends up, nobody had been reading her captions for years. Our society has become so sick that not a single one of her 17.8 million followers had managed to scroll past her voluptuous behind to read the inspiring quote that laid underneath. Of course, that quote seldom made sense due to her dyslexia, but the point stands nonetheless.

So this one is for Becky. What a career she had. She overcame the odds by beating dyslexia while also being incredibly hot. She conquered a flat titty AND a blown out ass cheek. But most of all, she showed that an Instagram model can be more than just an object, they can become a Herbalife salesperson as well. Congrats, Becky and good luck on the next stage of your life!

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Jul 18, 2019

I can only imagine your thought process as you settled on Irish-Filipino.

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