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How One Man Lost 105 Pounds In Under a Week

Chevy Jones has dealt with weight issues for nearly the entirety of his life. Like many chubbies, he grew up with two overweight parents. Both of his parents were diagnosed with chronic heart diseases and eventually died in a tragic quicksand accident. Chevy said, “I can still remember how quick it all happened. Quicksand is notoriously slow, sometimes taking hours for someone to sink but, our tour guide said that it was the fastest he’s ever seen anyone sink. To put it in comparison with the average sink time he said it was like watching Usain Bolt race disabled sloths.” Following the passing of his parents, his eating habits only worsened. He recalls eating 17 boxes of Twinkies dipped in Nutella (because he thought Nutella was healthier than peanut butter) in one sitting. He also began to get in trouble, stealing king-sized Snicker bars from the local gas station. Luckily, the judge decided to let him go with no charges stating, "You're not you when you're hungry." Even the teachers at his school were ruthless. He can remember being called things like Heavy Chevy and Fat Fuck Truck.

Chevy decided to do something about his weight and begin to go to the gym. He had gone for nearly a full week when his knees began to get sore. That’s when he realized the gym wasn’t for him. He quit going and would later be diagnosed with diabetes due to his weight. Diabetes led to poor circulation throughout his body. His legs began to become useless and slowly dying due to the lack of blood. That’s when Heavy Chevy knew he really had to make a change…

Since that doctor’s visit, Chevy has dropped from 300 to just 195 pounds, in under a week. Chevy now boasts that he feels lighter than ever and can even lift himself up with his own two arms, something that he could not before the weight loss. Chevy says, “It’s incredible to look at old photos of me and see how much different I look now. To think that the amount of weight I lost is essentially equivalent to a small woman, it’s just incredible.” He goes on to say, “When the doctor told me they were going to have to amputate both legs due to my diabetes I was devastated. But without that surgery, I think it would have been impossible to lose the weight that I did in the small amount of time that it took. I just hope that when people see my story they know that they can lose weight too.”

**If you’re interested in following Chevy’s story more, follow him on Instagram at @NoLongerHeavyChevy.**

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