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Farmington University: Another Example of College Admission’s Racist Biases

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Shocking news coming out of Farmington, Michigan, this week. The prestigious Farmington University (FU) has been shut down after being unmasked as an ICE operation. The Department of Homeland Security opened the fake university to arrest and deport over 250 students, many of which were of Indian descent.

Since I'm from around the area, the revelation was especially astonishing. FU was commonly referred to as the "Harvard of Farmington." Like that of many top universities, rumors had floated around that the school had a racial bias for specific minorities; A rumor that proved to be true.

High-profile democrats like AOC have criticized FU as a form of entrapment. Other's claim that ICE took advantage of these students in an unethical way. What the left has chosen to ignore, though, is the ongoing racist college admissions war. Why isn't there mention that the student population consisted of nearly 100% Indians? It surely couldn't be grades alone, could it?

I was lucky enough to speak with the lone white guy who attended graduate school at FU. His name was Mike Patel, and he'd been at FU for nearly 2 full years before it was shut down. When he was first accepted into the school, he was utterly astonished. With a 2.2 GPA in college, he edged out 4 of his friends, all of which graduated with a 3.7 or above. "I was just as shocked as I was confused," says Mike. "With the known racial biases, I figured it was my Indian last name, something my father picked up during his time as a monk in India. We were originally the Lowell's, but he decided to legally change our last name to that of his favorite teacher. My dad's white as day."

When I asked Mike if he noticed anything fishy about the university, he had this to say, "Oh, yeah, there were definitely some sketchy things going on while I was there. My counselor had told me numerous times that I was better off transferring to another school. He said it was a mistake that I was ever even accepted, and would pretend like he was doing me a favor by telling me to leave. I found that to be quite racist, and decided to stick it out. I quickly proved my counselor wrong, the shrinking class sizes were a testament to my hard work. Students were dropping like flies. We now know that many of my fellow classmates were getting deported. Of course, university officials will use that as their excuse and claim the school was a deportation' operation,' but everyone knows that's BS. I worked hard to be top of my class. I'm proud of my 2.3 GPA. Find another person who had better grades than me that stuck around."

I asked Mike what he plans on doing now that the school has been shut down. He told me, "Yeah, I'm not really sure, man. I'm kind of fucked right now. It's like every time I persevere, someone wants to take it away. Even though FU was created by our own government, no other public university recognizes it as being accredited. This is now the third school that's fucked me over. I got my Masters in the Art of the Deal at Trump University and became a master mechanic at ITT Technical Institute; Both of which have blown up in my face. I'm currently in talks with the University of Phoenix to become a preferred walk-on for their football team. They told me to keep it on the down-low, but I doubt anyone will actually read this."

Mike's story is truly incredible. Despite all that's been systematically set in place for him to fail, he continues to endure. Unfortunately, Mike's story will go untold by the leftist media. They'll choose to focus on the so-called "injustices" that ICE set in place to take advantage of the foreign students. They'll tell us about how the students were "tricked," but will leave out the fact that the school had a deliberate bias against white students. Sure, that bias makes a little more sense now, but it's still super fucked up, bro. It's vital that we hold those in charge accountable for the things they've done. Join us in the fight against racism by sharing this article with the hashtag: #FUracism.

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