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Dog Wearing MAGA Hat Who Killed Prominent Muslim Leader, Honored By Trump

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

Can't Wait For The Day His Smug Smile Gets Euthanized

Un-fucking believable. Our orange 'leader' is at it again. Let's hear him try to mansplain this… See, when I woke up this morning and saw that Trump had tweeted a picture of a dog, I immediately knew something was up. As I checked my sources, Twitter comments, it was apparent that Trump was back to his racist ways.

For those who are unfamiliar with the situation, 'not my president' Trump tweeted out an image of himself placing an honorary medal around a German Shepherd's neck. What exactly was this dog being celebrated for? Well, I'm sure you could guess...

This "hero" committed an egregious hate crime, attacking and killing a prominent Muslim figure while wearing a MAGA hat. But the image wasn't even real. Our shitlord had the non-binary balls to crop out an American hero, James McCloughan, from the original image and replace it with the dog. Now granted, McCloughan only received the award after he victim-blamed the Vietnamese for shooting at 10 soldiers who he quote-unquote, "saved."

When McCloughan was asked about the image, he told the New York Times that he found it funny and had no issue with it at all. Thanks, McCloughan, but we don't really need your privileged opinion on the matter. This isn't actually up for you to decide. Ok, boomer?

This controversy is another clear example of all that's wrong with this patriarchy of a nation. Most bigots saw the image, thought, "good boy," and continued to scroll on. Clearly, these zealots hadn't majored in English like me. Perhaps, if they stopped allowing their toxic masculinity to disintegrate the very few brain cells they have left, they could actually see the deep symbolism within the image.

Yes, on the surface, it's just a "funny" image of a dog receiving an award. Read way too far into it, though, and you'll see the dog is a German Shepherd. Hm…Now, after doing some research, it's fair for me to say that the canine had some obvious ties to the Nazis. There's really no hiding the fact that his ancestors hailed from the Third Reich. This clearly is a planned move so that 'not my president' Trump continues to garner the alt-right and anti-semitic support.

Still not buying in? Ok…Do you really, even for a second, think it's not coincidental that Trump has decided to pull troops from Syria? Trump is literally allowing ISIS to regroup, and then beheaded an image of a soldier and replaced it with a dog! Do you seriously not see the parallel?! LOL. K.

All of the reasons above are precisely why I've decided to put down my 4-year-old rescue dog and get a cat. The vet asked me if Scout had health problems. I told him no. He asked if he had bitten someone. Again, no. So he asked what exactly the reason was. I let him know that I'll no longer support a species that supports Trump, is indulged in rape culture, and has the privilege of being social media's darling pet. I've fallen for this "good boy" social construct for long enough. So RIP you xenophobic, homophobic, bigot bitch. See you in hell.

**A special thanks to our sponsor,, for sending me urn for Sparky's ashes**

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06 nov 2019

I made an account to FaHoo News (whatever that is) so I could tell you this: I don't know if you're trying to be funny or if you're attempting to spread some type of narrative, but either way, you are doing a very good job and seriously need to do some self-appreciation.

Mi piace

03 nov 2019

I made an account to FaHoo News (whatever that is) so I could tell you this: I don’t know if you’re trying to be funny or if you’re attempting to spread some type of narrative, but either way, you are doing a very poor job and seriously need to do some self-reflection.

Mi piace
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