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BREAKING: O'Connor's Trade 6-Year-Old Son To Hill Family For 1.5-Year-Old and a Baby To Be Named

BREAKING: A blockbuster deal between the O'Connor and Hill family has been finalized. It includes the O'Connor family trading their 6-year-old, Ryan O'Connor, for the Hill family's 18-month-old, Johnny Hill, as well as a future baby to be named.

It's a move that's sent absolute shockwaves throughout the neighborhood. Early on, little Ryan O'Connor showed a lot of promise at a very young age. It appears, though, that after another disappointing tee-ball season hitting under .200, the O'Connor family has decided to move on from the young talent. In return for Ryan, the O'Connor family will receive one and a half-year-old Johnny Hill and a future Hill baby to be named. The O'Connor family is taking a significant risk on the trade, considering Johnny is almost certainly somewhere on the spectrum, according to family doctors. The O'Connor's have chosen to look past Johny's medicals in hopes that the former college athlete parents, Laura, and Fred Hill, produce a superstar baby in the future.

Many of the surrounding neighborhood families were furious with the trade, claiming that the Hill family got the raw end of the deal. When you take a closer look, though, it may be a smart move by the family. Laura, a known pill popper, and her husband Fred are taking the gamble that the next baby will undoubtedly be born with severe medical issues as well. The Hill's are confident that they'll finally be able to tap into Ryan's talent.

Our reporters were able to catch up to little Ryan O'Connor to ask him how he felt about being traded from the team that conceived him. Shockingly, he says that he found out about the trade on Twitter while waiting to be picked up from latchkey. He knew something was up when his parents were 4 hours late to pick him up. That's when he saw the O'Connor organization Tweet saying, "It's a bittersweet moment for the O'Connor family. We want to thank @LittleRyanOconnor for all the hard work and dedication that he's put in the past 6 years. With that, we're excited to introduce our newest family member, @JohnnyHill!"

This isn't the first time a neighborhood kid found out that he's been traded through Twitter. In fact, it appears to be a growing trend within the neighborhood. Just last year, a three-family trade that was made, with all 4 children being notified via their Twitter mentions.

Many of the families from Ryan O'Connor's tee-ball league are livid how the trade went over. One mother on Ryan's team said, "What news site is this? Why are you pretending like this is a sports trade? This is a child we're talking about! Aren't you reporting this to the police? You guys are pieces of…."

Like many fans in the sport of life, a majority will never understand the business aspect of it all.

It's hard to say who won the trade. I can't blame the O'Connors for taking a flyer on Johnny Hill, even if he's potentially on the spectrum. It's worth the risk, considering Ryan was hitting under .200 off a tee for 2 seasons straight. It's important to stay level headed through it all and let time tell who walked away from the table a winner. All we can do is stay tuned and see how it all works out.

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