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Boeing Finally Says Surrey

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

The world-famous Paris Air Show began this week showing off some of the world’s most impressive aerospace technology. As expected, Boeing executives were in attendance. It’s been a rough year for Boeing with the well-documented software failures and crashes of Boeing 737 MAX airplanes. It’s been a PR nightmare for the company. Many airlines are refusing to fly their 737 MAX planes, even after the newest software update, in fear of another failure.

To help cushion the backlash, Boeing has hired Canada’s largest PR firm, Surrey Inc. to help put this behind them. Surrey Inc has a well-documented history of solving PR disasters swiftly and quickly. Some of their most famous and notable clients of the past include Tyson chicken for their weekly salmonella outbreaks, Samsung for their exploding phone, and most notably, the Jews after they murked Jesus.

During the Paris Airshow, Surrey Inc. released an apology on behalf of the Boeing for their recent failures. It reads:

“Oh jeez, where do we start, ya know? We just wanna say surrey about the software glitch that we kind of forgot aboot. We figured we had worked all the bugs ouwt, ya know. Boy oh boy were we wrong, eh? After that first plane drove itself into the ground, we were pretty sure the captain made a boo-boo on his part, ya know. But then that second one in Ethiopia went down faster than Grandma fell down those stairs. At that point, we were pretty darn sure we may have made an oopsy on ouwr end. So, we just wanna say surrey aboot that. Honestly, that was our bad, ya know? We are fairly confident that ouwr newest software updates have fixed the issue. Confident until the next one goes dowwn, eh? No, no, we're just goofin'. Seriously though, we’re pretty sure we have this one figured ouwt now. We can only move forward from this minor boo-boo. We thank you for your continued loyalty. Finally, we'd like to finish by using a quote that truly relates by the famous Winston Churchill: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Again, surrey!"

**Special thanks to our sponsor, Airbus. At we proudly fly Airbus who haven’t let us down since Air Egypt in 2016.**

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